Feelings Are Stronger Than Thoughts

Feelings Are Stronger Than Thoughts

Among the different misconceptions about the law of attraction and manifesting, is one in particular – the universe does not recognize thoughts, it understands feelings. The reason visualization is so powerful in the law of attraction isn’t because you are thinking about what you want, but because it helps you actually feel it. 

Like Attracts Like

This is something you will hear and read over and over again when you study the law of attraction. It goes back to the first influencers of the law of attraction, where they said like attracts like. If you spend your time visualizing what you want and feeling it, you are going to attract more of those good feelings. But if you spend all your time thinking about your limiting beliefs and why you think it could never happen, then the universe is going to make sure you keep feeling that.

This means you want to focus your time, attention, and energy on what you want, not what you don’t want, even if it has to do with ending your current situation. Don’t think about how right now you can’t pay your bills – spend your time thinking about when you are able to pay your bills. This is what like attracts like comes down to.

Tips for Focusing More on Your Feelings

Manifesting what you want does begin with asking the universe what you want, but it doesn’t stop with your thoughts. You really need to tap into your feelings if you want this to work. To focus more on your feelings, here are a few tips:

Use detailed visualizations. When you visualize, start by putting the vision in the first-person perspective. You want to see what you are dreaming of from your point of view. Not like someone watching you in a movie, but you actually living that life. If you want a house with a pool, think about swimming in that pool, right down to the feeling of the water on your skin, your fingers pruning, splashing in the water. Sense everything you can during your visualizations.

Try meditating. If you struggle with your thoughts and fears taking over your mind, try meditating for a few minutes a day. 

Scripting works miracles. Literal miracles. When you script what you want to manifest, you go beyond just thinking about what you want, and actually put yourself in the place where you already have it. Write your intentions and your manifestations, but as if they already exist. Instead of “I want to buy my dream home”, you would write “I am so thankful after purchasing my dream home!” and get as specific as you can. 

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