Raising Kids

Create Leadership in Kids

By Cheri Toftdahl

How to Create a Home Environment That Instills Leadership in Kids As parents, we often want to create an environment at home that will be conducive to instilling leadership. But how? Instilling leadership can take many forms, and of course, your individual family dynamic comes into play. But generally speaking, here are some tips on…

Leadership Skills to Teach Kids

By Cheri Toftdahl

Leadership Skills to Teach Kids: Have you heard talk about teaching kids leadership skills? Whether you are a teacher, parent, or other types of caregivers, you have probably heard about the importance of instilling leadership. But how? What skills? Following is a basic list of leadership skills you can teach kids. Independent Thinking Help your…

How to Raise Children to Be Good Leaders

By Cheri Toftdahl

Raising Children to Be Good Leaders It’s been said that leadership starts at home. It just may be that leadership is, at least in part, an outgrowth of early training. There is disagreement among experts as to just how much leadership is inborn and just how much is learned, and there is really no way…

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